Shayla & Norah

Booked your photographer? Check. Picked out stylishly coordinating outfits? Check. Chosen a location for your shoot? Hmmmm...this one can take a little more thought. 

When recommending a location for your next photo shoot, ask yourself these questions: what does your family love to do together? Does everyone love gathering in the kitchen to bake cookies? Do you have a special picnic spot in the nearby park? Do your kids love dressing up with clothes from the heirloom trunk in the attic? Painting in a special art corner? Is there a pretty street you and your husband love to stroll down at the end of a date? These places should be the location of your shoot!

My goal is take pictures that help capture your family's special memories--and the places where these memories happen!

Let me give you an example: my family has loved Fenton's Creamery in northern California for almost 50 years--my grandparents would eat dessert there with my dad when he was a teenager! Our classic family order is the Black and Tan sundae--layers of gooey homemade caramel, thick hot fudge, and toasted almond ice cream (don't even get me started on that toasted almond ice cream!!) in a tall glass dish, all topped off with whipped cream and a bright red cherry. Yum!

When I was recently in the Bay Area for work, I made the traditional trip to Fenton's with my cousin and her daughter to do a lifestyle photoshoot. You can probably guess what we ordered to use as a prop: a Black and Tan! My cousin's daughter is the fourth generation of Whipples to enjoy this frozen treat, and it was a special moment to capture on camera. Anyone in our family who sees those photos will immediately recognize the unique significance of the location and the dessert.

Book a shoot with me today, and let me help you capture beautiful photos at a place that feels special to you!

Sweden & Dustin.

Sweden and Dustin came to Scottsdale for their babymoon and while they were in town they wanted the baby pump captured too. I love this desert so much, especially at golden hour! It was such a fun shoot because the last time I saw Sweden was in the 8th grade.